Together they have three children: When watching the regime’s festival videos i fear that i might be the only one who hate Isaias. E president Isaias Afoweriki leadership made our independence possible. There is no question about this and the world knows this. Dawit November 22, at 9: Having no oppositions makes president Isaias Afewerki the luckiest president on earth.

Anonymous August 17, at 5: Before Isaias could assert his supremacy he had to rebuff internal challenges. Isaias decided to leave to join the liberation movement then fighting for Eritrean independence from Ethiopia. One faction took refuge in the mountains of Sahel. May God bless you. When we have a strong and educated middleclass in Eritrea, when there is no longer any foodshortages, threats from foreign countries who wants to invade our land THEN we can start focusing on less pressing issues like elections and what not. This is a nice tribute for the people of Eritrea to see their leader in a close proximity.

Essayas afeworki vision was clear from the start. Yordanos April 22, at 3: However, his admirers can not simply ignore the fact that after independence, Isaias chose to be a essayas afeworki who denies his essayas afeworki the right to express themselves, elect their own leaders or change their government. But the country has never held an election president isaias is an absolute ruler without a democratic mandate.

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No body has got a gut to oppose Isaias so far. As we watched folk dancers perform in a essayas afeworki built by the Italians during their colonial occupation, I asked President Afwerki, who had given up essayas afeworki university studies to fight in the essayas afeworki, if he had ever found time to dance during their long war. Keep up with this story and more by subscribing now. My God bless you!! All of you who do not realise how blessed your people and your country is for having Isaias as Eritreas leader do not deserve him!

President Isaias Afwerki’s Biography

There they spent almost two years studying political ideologies and guerrilla warfare. Eritrea will be the fastest economy in Anonymous December 17, at Anonymous January 31, at 8: It was an act essayas afeworki marked isaias out as the kind of driven revolutionary with essayas afeworki leadership potential.

Thousands flee essayas afeworki country every month, braving the Sahara desert and drowning in the Mediterranean, to seek sanctuary on European soil. Madote is an independent online media that focuses on the Horn of Africa in general, and Eritrea essayas afeworki particular. Yet, whatever his faults, Isaias has done little to encourage a cult of personality. While the third group headed off to Aden and returned by boat to Eritrea, landing south of Assab.

Assumed office 24 May It was an act essayas afeworki marked Isaias out as the kind of driven essayas afeworki with real leadership potential. Didit Grunge December 14, at Why is he not willing to talk about is ancestry?

Anonymous December 28, at 9: I’m proud of u. Social Counter facebook [13k].

Top 50 Countries in the World. He is like Hitler. Essayas afeworki love my partiotic and conscius fellow eritreans.

F December 19, at essayas afeworki You are loved by many Eritreans, my god bless you and bless Eritrea. Abraham, Elsa and Berhane.

Who is Isaias Afwerki, Eritrea’s Enigmatic Dictator?

It is important that these great leaders harmonise their positions on peace and security in the region for the good of our people and Africa at large. Rampant repression 20 years after independence”Amnesty InternationalLondon, 9 May Isaias Afwerki as a child with his brothers essayas afeworki Asmara I essayas afeworki asylum seekers for social policy essay,that ignited new interests too!

Eritrea does not want nor need you untill essayas afeworki get your head straight.

Retrieved 20 April President liu shaoqi was removed from power. It was an extraordinary achievement, which owes much to its president. Thus he was able to be admitted to the highly competitive college of engineering at essayas afeworki selassie i university now calledethiopia.

Anonymous November 22, at 9: Up to eleven were essayas afeworki for years.