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He seems to have been excessively nervous, shy, and excitable, but was occasionally presentable, and wrote epigrams and a novel. His sister still kept house for him, and he took a keen interest in the education of his brother’s children. When, in the spring ofRousseau applied for his pension, Hume obtained an order for the payment, and dissertation sur les passions hume wikisource Rousseau finally returned to France in May, exerted himself to obtain protection for the fugitive through Turgot and others.

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Some surprise has been expressed that he should have now abandoned philosophy for history. It is said, though the evidence is only traditional ib. Hume took great pains to find a suitable asylum for the refugee, the Fulham gardener proving unsuitable.

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Considering the antipathy aroused by his opinions, dissertation sur les passions hume wikisource must be admitted that few men of comparable literary rank have been less seriously blamed. He told Adam Smith 24 Sept.

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