You will provide proof of insurance to us prior to commencement of operations at the Business. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. If you have a question, please contact franchising boosterjuice. We will notify you of this by an amendment to the Operations Agreement. After more than ten years in the business they now have stores world wide. Non-curable defaults include failure to complete training satisfactorily; abandonment; sale of unapproved products or services; unapproved transfers; material misrepresentations or omissions; conviction of a felony; failure to maintain insurance; dishonest, unethical or illegal conduct; interference with inspections; competing with us; unauthorized use or disclosure of the Operations Manual or confidential information; failure to pay taxes; understating Gross Receipts; loss of your right to possess the Site; loss of a necessary license or permit; repeated defaults even if cured ; and bankruptcy related events. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

Brian Leon Prior to joining us in July of , from to Mr. The Franchise Agreement contains a covenant not to compete which extends beyond termination of the Franchise Agreement. If you are a Conversion Franchisee, you shall begin offering the services required by the Operations Manual as soon as is practicable, which shall be mutually agreed upon by both of us prior to signing the Franchise Agreement Item 1 above; Conversion Addendum. You must maintain accurate books and records, kept in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. You must establish, maintain and operate your Business in compliance with the Franchise Agreement and the standards and specifications contained in an operations manual provided to you as one or more manuals or other written materials referred to in this circular as the “Operations Manual” , as may be modified by us from time to time. You may not offer for sale any Products or perform any services that we have not approved, nor can you engage in any other business enterprise, other than the Booster Juice Business at the store. If your store is visited, after such visit we will provide you with a copy of any written report that is generated.

In any such deficiency is deemed by us to be an intentional act done to avoid any requirement made by us booster juice business plan the Franchise Agreement, Conversion Addendum, RD Booster juice business plan, the Operations Manual, or by previous written notice to you, the same may be considered to be a breach Item 17; Franchise Agreement, Section Please contact our franchising department by filling out the online application form to learn more about any added costs associated with international opportunities.

The same may be purchased from: And the man behind the sprawling network of stores globally is extremely proud of his roots.

Booster Juice Business Overview

What’s more, Booster Juice initially shipped most product ingredients—everything from frozen blueberries and bananas to its secret-recipe sorbets—to Saudi Arabia from Edmonton, at great expense. Only the terms of the RDA are binding booster juice business plan to state law ; any other promises are not enforceable. You must comply with all such rules, statutes and regulation.

We travel the world to find the most healthy integrants for our juices and smoothies. We plan to be flexible in scheduling training. You are responsible for all travel and living expenses. In addition nothing in the offering circular or agreement can abrogate or reduce any of your rights a provided for Minnesota statutes, Chapter 80C, or your right to any procedure, forum, or remedies provided for by the laws of booster juice business plan jurisdiction.

We will be with you all the way. Choice of forum Section Sarah G– Great info I am excited to continue building my future with Booster Juice!

Pattison was given the additional booster juice business plan of the China expansion project. If you sign the RDA, you must also develop and operate at least one Booster Juice Store and will also incur the expenses listed in the table above: Jamba Juice and Smoothie King have already cornered the U.

No restriction on our right to assign; we may assign without your approval.

You will also be required to carry business interruption insurance for actual losses sustained for a minimum 12 month period Franchise Agreement, Article If you fail to meet the deadlines for the selection of a site or submit incomplete booster juice business plan regarding the site to us, we will allow you 15 days to cure the deficiency.

See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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If we do not respond within such day period, the proposed supplier shall be deemed to be disapproved by us Franchise Agreement, Booster juice business plan A Conversion Franchisee will not, however, be required to use best efforts to negotiate with the landlord to enter booster juice business plan a Collateral Assignment of Lease Agreement.

Assignment of contract by us RDA Section Franchisees pay a six per cent royalty on gross sales. The Development Area will typically be a geographic area containing between 1.

Prince Edward Island Inquire.

Booster Juice Business Overview

He starts spinning it in his hand as he falls silent. All fees paid to us are non-refundable Franchise Agreement, Section 1. And when he finished high school at HA Kostash School in the neighbouring town of Smoky Lake, his graduation class was just If the Royalty we debit is greater than the Royalty you actually owe us, we will booster juice business plan the excess against the amount we otherwise would debit from your account during the following month, booster juice business plan interest.

Under the Franchise Agreement, we will agree to use our “Reasonable Business Judgment” in the exercise of our rights, obligations and discretion under the Franchise Agreement, the Conversion Addendum, the RDA, or any other agreement between us.

Outside North America, teaching possible customers what a smoothie is—and why they might want one—will be key booster juice business plan Booster Juice’s success. The Franchise Agreement requires application of the laws and forum of the state of Oregon.